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A daily devotion to the wine

It is necessary to have a great passion for wine making, It takes a huge personnal investment and commitment along with knowledge passed down from many generations of wine makers, Obvious scientific knowledge and the ever growing modern technology is required, but the hands on immersion with nature, and recognizing the hazards that come with it, are vital as well. Respect for the "terroir" and making sure the vines are in optimum condition all year round, are the key to our wine making success.

This passion and attention to detail earned us a certification of excellence HVE (High-Value Environment) in 2014.

It corresponds to achieving level 3 of the certification. It is granted to wineries respectful of the environment, planting and treatment of vines. We are very proud to have received this by the French Ministry of Agriculture and the French Ministry of the Environment.


It covers four keys areas, biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, management of treatments and management of water, it all adds to reducing the harmful impact to our ever changing environment.

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