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Sancerre: Favorite French Village 2021

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Sancerre: Favorite French Village 2021

Our small medieval town of character, of some 1,400 souls, was among the fourteen towns in the running for this 10th edition of the program "Le Village préféré des Français".

It was the charm of the Centre-Val de Loire that won, a first for our region since the show’s creation in 2012.

Our beautiful wine-growing city, its alleys, its belfry or its tower of the Fiefs, the only vestige of the medieval castle, the house Jacques Coeur, the oldest in the town, were filmed to boast the merits of our beautiful village, and seduced the viewers.

The show also highlighted our Sancerrois vineyard with magnificent aerial views of the rocky peak of Sancerre and the slopes of vines on the banks of the Loire, without forgetting a showcase of the wine production of Sancerre.

From the heights of Sancerre, it is everywhere, as far as the eye can see.The vine.On nearly 3,000 hectares.In the 90s, our white wines of the Piton knew an unprecedented craze.In Paris, the good tables tore them away.Then the gustative fashion moved on the vineyards of our neighbors of Menetou-Salon.Nevertheless, the wines of Sancerre retained their notoriety.They remain sought after by lovers of good flesh all over the world.

But let’s not forget the pleasure of the table, with our famous dung of Chavignol, dry, half dry, fresh, ironed , there is one for all tastes.Discover this simple but unique wedding with our beautiful whites.

And to finish on a sweet note, the Lichou or the Croquet of Sancerre, both made with almond, will delight the taste buds of the most greedy.

We gathered in front of a giant screen installed in the central square of the village and we did not fail to let our joy explode with the announcement of the top 3 then the winner!

So now that you know more, come visit us and discover our small village of Crezancy in Sancerre located only, 9 km from Sancerre, you will not be disappointed.

Sancerrement vôtre

Domaine Roger Champault et Fils

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